Naoe Kanetsugu直江 兼続

Naoe Kanetsugu
  • Naoe Kanetsugu
  • 直江 兼続
Kanetsugu is the self-proclaimed "warrior of love" and a childhood friend of Yukimura. She was fully humiliated by Yukimura at a young age and still carries a grudge against her, and was sent by Sen's brother Yoshihiko to spy on Sen and Yukimura's actions. Her speech pattern is notable as she uses keigo. Her weapon is a decorated sledgehammer capable of knocking heavy gates and create fissures when slammed down to the ground. Jubei's nicknames for Kanetsugu are "Gutsugutsu" (ぐつぐつ), "Guu-chan" (ぐっちゃん), and "Gutchorinado" (ぐっちょりなど).

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