Astarotte Ygvar

Astarotte Ygvar
Astarotte Ygvar
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    The succubus and the heroine of the series. While only 10 years of age, Astarotte is told that she will need to begin building a harem. Because when she fully matures, her body will require a regular supply of semen to keep from wasting away, much like a vampire requires blood. Unfortunately, her mother's extreme excesses have led her to develop a fierce hatred and disgust toward all men. Astarotte demands that the first member of her harem be a human from the human world. Knowing that the Yggdrasill tree connects them to the human world (and has been dormant for years), she hopes her demand would allow her to avoid the task entirely. She has a liking for Naoya.

    View spoilerHide spoilerShe has no idea that her best friend, Asuha, is actually her half-sister Asuhariet. Her father, her only other known family, is mentioned to have died of an illness.

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