Ashura Templeアシュラテンプル

Ashura Temple
  • Ashura Temple
  • アシュラテンプル
After fighting to a standstill by Princess Obily Tightnaben, the master plans for Ashura Temple were bought by Krackenbeal Mejojo, who intended to use it as his personal mortar headd. However, the Ashura became the workhorse mortar headd after Krackenbeal discovered its durability and excellent all-roundedness.

A large contingent of Ashuras sees conflict in the Sorcerer Wars against a platoon of Fillmore forces, and made a name for itself in that conflict. Many nations later adopted the Ashura as their workhorse mortar headd as well and its inauguration into the top 10 mortar headds of the JC 3000’s seals its fame.

The Ashura is small-framed by nature; Neutral’s decision to mount heavy armour onto a skeleton of its size was unprecedented at the time, and was extremely tempting to headdliners as a result. Krackenbeal improved on the stability of the Ashura by removing the Dragon Claws from the frame, listing them as an optional feature instead. This change resulted in a agile yet powerful design, and the final performance tests were conducted by none other than Est, which partly accounts for its exceptional quality. Also noteworthy is the lack of a Spaad in the weapons inventory of the Ashura; instead, it uses a large axe as its primary nonlaser weapon.

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