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Penguin 2-gou

Penguin 2-gou
Penguin 2-gou
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#2 is Shoma Takakura's penguin partner. It is the most unremarkable looking of the three, having no distinct physical markings. Only by the differences of the other two is it discernible.


Penguin #2 is quite useless. More often than not, it is just getting in the way rather then helping (once nearly getting Shoma into trouble by making him seem like a train molester). He likes to eat a lot, and takes food from wherever possible, whether it's a jar of plums in Ringo's house or someone's bento box on the subway. He also likes to kill bugs and handily keeps a bug spray with him at all times and uses it when he spots an insect. He has even attempted to spray such things as shoes and skunks with bug spray.
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