Kusunoki Yukimura楠 幸村

Kusunoki Yukimura
  • Kusunoki Yukimura
  • 楠 幸村
First introduced as a stalker of Kodaka. His first meeting with the Neighbor's Club resulted in gender confusion, as his appearance is decidedly feminine despite his assertions of malehood. A gullible student with low self-esteem, he admiringly believes Kodaka to be a romantic and masculine criminal who lives life the way he wants to, and eagerly pledges to become his underling on the basis that he can learn to become a "true man" through him.
View spoilerHide spoiler It later turns out that "he" is actually a cross-dressing female (transvestite) who has been raised as a male in order to succeed the family bussiness. She harbors a crush on Kodaka. She refers to Kodaka as "aniki", a title used by low-ranking yakuza to refer to their seniors.

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