Hyuuga Junpei日向 順平

Hyuuga Junpei
  • Hyuuga Junpei
  • 日向 順平
Junpei Hyūga (日向 順平 Hyūga Junpei) is Seirin's captain. He is a clutch-player and excells most at shooting.

Hyūga is a collected and calm individual. Although being pressured into the captain position, he has evolved over time into a mature captain, caring for his team and being dependable and responsible.

When his clutch trait is coming up, he becomes heated and rude. He has a habit of cracking his neck when he is confident he's at his very best.

He also has much pride as a senpai and as a player from Seirin High. He can get fired up without his clutch ability when someone annoys him, both in the match against Seihō and Tōō.

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