Araki Gentaro荒木 元太郎

Araki Gentaro
- Born in 1965, Male, Resident of Tokyo
- Graduated the Japan University of Art in 1987

- He began work as an illustrator and manga-ka, this includes work for the ero-manga circle known as "Neo'Gentle"

- He became involved with both CG illustration and sculpture leading to the creation of many GKs, figures, and also some 1:1 scale art pieces and dolls.

- He designed the UNOSS doll for Volks company before independently producing the UNOA line of dolls through his own company (Alchemic Labo).

- Photos of his works as well as some interviews and artist tutorials by him have been published in the Japanese magazines such as Dollybird, I-Doloid, Hobby Japan, and others.

- The majority of his artwork in both 2D and 3D medium is usually implicit or explicit erotica focused on bishoujo characters. The UNOSS doll and also the UNOA dolls that he created and sells through Alchemic Labo are one of the few exceptions to varying degrees in these criteria (there are male UNOA dolls, and both the UNOA and UNOSS lines are considered 'tame' enough not to cause too much controversy among most doll collectors- although they are occasionally criticized for being suggestive of his lesser known artworks and interests)

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