Seigi no Mikata Kaibaman正義の味方 カイバーマン

Seigi no Mikata Kaibaman
  • Seigi no Mikata Kaibaman
  • 正義の味方 カイバーマン
  • Friend of Justice Kaibaman
(Voiced by Eric Stuart / Kenijirou Tsuda): A monster modeled after Seto Kaiba, Kaibaman duels and defeats Jaden after he and his friends happen upon the Duel Monsters world. He intended to quell Jaden's worries regarding Shadow Duels, and thus sarcastically threw around the possibility that he himself may have been initiating such a battle with Jaden. He plays Seto Kaiba's deck, complete with his three legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards. The card that represents himself can be sacrificed to summon a Blue Eyes from his hand.


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