Nakashima Kazuki中島 かずき

Nakashima Kazuki
  • Nakashima Kazuki
  • 中島 かずき
Nakashima Kazuki (born August 19, 1959) is a Japanese playwright and anime writer. He has written scripts for Re: Cutie Honey, Gurren Lagann and Oh! Edo Rocket. He was also responsible for the series composition of Gurren Lagann and he wrote the play that was the basis for the anime Oh! Edo Rocket. In addition to being in charge of compiling Getter Robo Saga in his own words, "Right now, I'm producing the book for Japan's #1, Ishikawa-sensei (Ken Ishikawa)." He's a big fan of Ken Ishikawa's work. Naturally, he takes pride in being a "Getter Person". This was the very same Kazuki Nakashima, Futabasha's chief producer and production representative who works with anime and movie productions. Currently he is the head writer for the tokusatsu Kamen Rider Fourze.


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