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Utawarerumono - Oboro - Bust (Mogura no Yama)


Oboro was in the beginning an impulsive and somewhat egotistical bandit chief of a village near the one which Hakuoro dwells in. Overpowering these traits, however, is his care for his younger sister, Yuzuha, to whom he would bring Tusukuru to oversee her health. When Hakuoro becomes the leader of the country's rebellion, Oboro joins forces with Hakuoro and swears eternal allegiance, with revenge for Tusukuru among his reasons, calling Hakuoro his brother. Oboro's main weapons of choice are two long, light swords, which he uses to execute swift fighting techniques. Oboro has stayed with Hakuoro since the establishment of the nation Tusukuru, aiding in battle and any other way which he can. The name Oboro (朧) means haziness, gloominess, and dreariness in Japanese. In the conclusion to the series, he is entrusted with the title of Emperor but he realizes that he is not ready to become a ruler and leaves Tusukuru to train himself. In the game, Oboro forsakes the duties of Emperor and entrust the title to Benawi instead. He then leaves on a journey with Yuzuha's child to show it the world.
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