Mujigen Hunter Fandora夢次元ハンター ファンドラ

Mujigen Hunter Fandora
  • Mujigen Hunter Fandora
  • 夢次元ハンター ファンドラ
  • Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora
An original video animation created by manga artist Go Nagai. It was originally released on September 21, 1985, March 10, 1986 and November 21, 1986 by Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
The stars a bounty hunter girl named Fandora and her shape-shifting assistant and guardian, Kue, as they attempt to save the universe from the evil Yog-Sogoth. They encounter characters Gyaram, Captain PK, Sorta, Red-Eye Geran, Princess Reimia, GK, and Sorto. They travel through the Dream Dimension and hunt there. Fandora uses the power of the jewel Lupia in her crown to summon here powers and allows Kue to transform into the Fantastic Dragon.


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