Gyakuten Saiban逆転裁判

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Gyakuten Saiban
  • Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判)
  • Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney
A series of Japanese graphical text adventure games developed and published by Capcom. In English-speaking countries, the series is known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, or simply Ace Attorney. The title Gyakuten Saiban means "Turnabout Court".

The original Gyakuten Saiban trilogy appeared on the Game Boy Advance; when ported to the DS, an English-language option was added, leading to a large overseas fanbase. The port of the first game also includes an all-new fifth case with forensics features that take full advantage of the DS hardware. All three games star the defense attorney Naruhodou Ryuuchi (aka Phoenix Wright).

Since then, there has been a fourth game, with a mostly new cast, as well as a spinoff series, Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations) that stars public prosecutor Mitsuruji Reiji (Miles Edgeworth).

A typical game in the series consists of a set of mysteries, which the protagonist has to solve with the help of his cheerful young female assistant. The goal is to solve each case and find the true perpetrator. The court and police department in the series, while fictional, draw inspiration from Japan's criminal justice system.

A crossover between the Gyakuten Saiban series and the Professor Layton one is currently in development for the 3DS, and is a collaboration between Capcom and Level-5.

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