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Bible Black
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Bible Black (バイブルブラック, Baiburuburakku) is an eroge video game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by ActiveSoft. Sei Shoujyo is the original creator of the games artwork, character design and penned the original script for the game. It was published on July 14, 2000.

Milky Studio has since adapted the game into several hentai original video animations. The first adaption, simply titled Bible Black, consisted of six episodes animating numerous scenes from the video game. The following year, a two-episode OVA titled Bible Black: Origins was released, which served as a prequel to the events of Bible Black. In April 2004 Milky Studio produced a sequel series titled Bible Black: New Testament, which follows the exploits of the original characters ten years after Bible Black takes place. The latest OVA adaption, Only, consists of gaiden stories explaining what happened to various characters during the plot of Bible Black.

The Japanese game was republished in 2006 as Bible Black Slim featuring extended scenes, followed by a short sequel named Bible Black Infection in 2008. Neither of which the games original artist/writer Sei Shoujyo was involved with as he had left Active Soft by this time.

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