Founded March 25, 1994

Broccoli Co., Ltd. (株式会社ブロッコリー) is a Japanese media company that publishes manga, anime, and video games through its various subsidiaries. Broccoli is the parent company of Broccoli Music Publishing, Broccoli International USA, and Anime Gamers USA Inc. Broccoli also published manga under Broccoli Books. Broccoli is well-known for the Di Gi Charat fanchise and series.

Satsuki Yamashita, the editor of Broccoli Books, explained that the company derived its president's desire to create a memorable name similar to the memorability of Apple Inc. While trying to imagine of another fruit or vegetable, he arrived at broccoli. Incidentally, this coincidentally has the same name in every language.

On January 23, 2008, Broccoli announced it would be collaborating with rival Animate to form a new company called "AniBro". Broccoli holds 30% ownership of the company, which is managed by the CEO of Animate.

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