Clamp (クランプ Kuranpu?), is an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid-1980s. It consists of leader Nanase Ohkawa (大川 七瀬 Ōkawa Nanase?), who provides much of the storyline and screenplay for the group's works and adaptations[citation needed], and three artists whose roles shift for each series: Mokona (もこな Mokona?), Tsubaki Nekoi (猫井 椿 Nekoi Tsubaki?), and Satsuki Igarashi (いがらし 寒月 Igarashi Satsuki?). Almost 100 million Clamp tankōbon copies have been sold worldwide as of October 2007.[1]

Beginning as an eleven-member dōjinshi circle in the mid-1980s, they began creating original work in 1987. By the time they debuted with RG Veda in 1989, the group was reduced to seven members. In 1993, three more members left, leaving the four members who are currently still part of the group. In 2006, the members decided to change their names; Ohkawa later changed her name back from Ageha Ohkawa to Nanase Ohkawa, while the other three members retained their new names.


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