ChuxChu Idol - Chua Churam (Alter)ChuxChu Idol - Chua Churam (Alter)





© Alter / Unisonshift / Ozawa Akifumi / Yagyuu Toshiyuki

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115 days agoEnglishlisteningEnglishlistening
the material became weak after years aging, my base broken suddenly yesterday and hurt my other figures.
01 month agoemyemy
je vend cette figurine 80 euro elle est comme neuve avec boite !
01 month agoquilehquileh
Still selling! Please check prices here: (mfc link)

I'm also selling other items, check it out!
01 month ago (1 month ago)LynnaLynna
Selling her never exposed for 75€ plus shipping, PM :)
Box & Figure in excellent condition, not sealed

I'm selling all of my figures without a "favorite heart" in my collection :)
22 months agomangasus90mangasus90
Got her for 5,5k from Manda :D
Im so pleased to finally have her in my collection. My, she's such a goddess :D
Her condition is top-notch as well, a little dirty but after some water cleaning, she's like-new :D

Now im displaying her with my K-on girls and she's quite small compares to others haha
04 months ago (4 months ago)warriorofdreamwarriorofdream
got her B condition from amiami, low price, few stains and dirt, most easy to clean or not really noticeable. Tbh it's nothing compare to how wonderful and lively she is, she brings so much attention to my room and kinda cheerful vibes !

The only complain I have about my B condition is my pink base seems to have few cracks where the metal peg come in, well it doesn't seems it will break or sth but it's a bit sad.
04 months agousanausana
@ anyone selling this figure, would anyone be willing to sell me just the pink peg stand that holds her up from the base?
05 months agoBearcatBearcat
Selling mine, good condition. PM if interested.
05 months agowarriorofdreamwarriorofdream
amiami 5580 JPY [ext link ]

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