ChuxChu Idol - Chua Churam (Alter)ChuxChu Idol - Chua Churam (Alter)


ChuxChu Idol - Chua Churam (Alter)





© Alter / Unisonshift / Ozawa Akifumi / Yagyuu Toshiyuki

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026 days ago (5 days ago)mezitcheeseitmezitcheeseit
AmiAmi A/B ¥11980 (ext link)
Mandarake opened/base cracked ¥8000 (ext link)
01 month ago (1 month ago)XKatanaXKatana
So cute, but I can't afford that price tag. xD
01 month agololihunterlolihunter
powerhamster (2 months ago) #2206502Mandarake 7000yen opened
(ext link)

Sold out
02 months agoalazif03alazif03
Manda, not opened, 12k: (ext link)
02 months agopowerhamsterpowerhamster
Mandarake 7000yen opened
(ext link)
02 months ago (2 months ago)cutieepinkyycutieepinkyy
Amiami B/B 9580yen

(ext link)
02 months agoPain17Pain17
Just got mine from jungle she is gorgeous, but very small!
02 months ago (2 months ago)pandidorapandidora
B/B at AmiAmi for 9580 yen
(ext link)
02 months ago (27 days ago)vpvp
I am selling her for 115USD, will ship to US or Canada. Box is in perfect condition.
She has a small, almost unnoticeable bend in one of her individual hair strands.. but this was how she was manufactured.

Please message me if interested.

UPDATE: Still unsold as of 8/03/2014
02 months agoPain17Pain17
Is 142 dollars shipping included a good deal for this figure?

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