K-ON! - Akiyama Mio - mobip - 05 (Aoshima)K-ON! - Akiyama Mio - mobip - 05 (Aoshima)



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01 year agoStripeycowStripeycow
Selling her with the rest of the girls £45 - Will ship worldwide, U.K Preferred.
Not including postage. PM if interested, want pictures or more information.
13 years agoBlueMondayBlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Mandarake, ¥800: [ext link ]

Poor mobip.
05 years ago (5 years ago)GalahadGalahad
[ext link ] Price: 1,500 yen [Shibuya Store]
[ext link ] Price: 1,200 yen [Nakano Store]
06 years agoKmii7Kmii7
ShiddoBass seems way to huge ^^;;

huge? it´s gigantic! D:
06 years agoAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
Jisu-chanI wonder if they will make one of Azusa.
I asked the company, Aoshima, if they would, but they said that they never thought of making an Azusa one :/
06 years agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
If anyone is interested, I'll sell my entire set for 60 dollars. That's all 4 girls, all their accessories for a low price of 60 dollars.
07 years agoJisu-chanJisu-chan
I wonder if they will make one of Azusa.
07 years agoShiddoShiddo 一匹狼
Bass seems way to huge ^^;;
07 years agoMarshmallowpieMarshmallowpie
Not a Mio fan, but this is definitely the best Mobip so far. The finished version turned out really well.
07 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?

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