Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Nendoroid #274 - Sakur...Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Nendoroid #274 - Sakura ver. (Good Smile Company)


Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Nendoroid #274 - Sakura ver. (Good Smile Company)


Good Smile Online Shop and Good Smile x Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe exclusive.
Order period: 2012/8/31 ~ 2012/9/24



© Crypton Future Media / Good Smile Company / Ageta Yukiwo / Maruhige / Nendoron

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015 hours agoHeliodoraHeliodora
Selling mine, got her off Mandarake a few days ago, realized that these nendoroid fig Ifures aren't really my cup of tea.If anyone's interested PM me for price and pictures.
jimpact (2 days ago) #2090175Limited quantities available on the GSC Online shop for Y4011. (ext link)

Thank you! I just ordered her. :) I saw she was on Jungle for 5400 JPY sealed, but she'd actually be more expensive with Registered SAL than if I just ordered her off of GSC's shop (I'll save about $10 AND get EMS). This is my first time ordering off the GSC shop.
22 days ago (10 hours ago)jimpactjimpact
Limited quantities available on the GSC Online shop for Y4011. (ext link) - They're gone!
03 days agoPichuPichu
It's a bit of an old review but do check it out anyways, One of my earliest reviews on Sakura Miku and there's other reivews and stuff there too. Check it out.
Comment, etc. Thanks in advance for visting

Link: (ext link)
05 days agoDbonn12Dbonn12
Selling my wonderful Sakura Miku!

sale #47916

Price Negotiable

07 days ago (7 days ago)otaku4lifeotaku4life
On Amiami pre-owned! (ext link) Get her while you can! Gone!
07 days agoYakuriYakuri
Selling mine, PM for details!
08 days ago (8 days ago)Nykto4BiaNykto4Bia
Does anyone know if it's weird that my miku may have a slightly tanner skin colour than normal. I got her off mandarake and it should be legit but it feels a little off.
08 days agoana33ana33
its legit , Mandarake only sell authentic figures , and if by chance there is a bootleg it would be a once in blue moon situation Heliodora (10 days ago) #2076344I ordered this one (ext link) Does anyone know if it's legit or a bootleg? I know mandarake is supposed to sell legit items but they have a bootleg Luka nendoroid on their site so I'm not a 100% sure... And I can't tell the difference between Real Sakura Miku and the transparent bootleg version >.< even their boxes look the same.
010 days agoHeliodoraHeliodora
otaku4life (13 days ago) #2072050Anyone know where I could find this figure or if it's gonna be re-released?
(ext link) mandarake has 4

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