Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - Moekore Plus 14 -...Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - Moekore Plus 14 - 1/6 (Volks)


Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - Moekore Plus 14 - 1/6 (Volks)



Available via Volks Online



© Volks / Milchestrasse

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02 days agoyouthyouth
Wow was just searching mandarake & saw the 50k price. Might be the most valuable figure in my collection. Nice to see when most of my collection is likely down in value. Had the opportunity to visit Japan in 2010 & bought her at the Osaka Volks store for 7140 yen.
01 month ago (1 month ago)Hitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
lionhearth (1 month ago) #2597136(ext link) mandarake 50k o.OJust found that and came here to share. :) Maybe one day Holo.. maybe one day. ..but not ~$430.. lol
01 month agokk090200kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!...
lionhearth (1 month ago) #2597136(ext link) mandarake 50k o.O

LOL ..... And totally worth it! I still believe that this is the best Holo out there that represents the anime version of my waifu! This figure is still my favorite in my entire collection!
11 month agolionhearthlionhearth
(ext link) mandarake 50k o.O
02 months agoBootleg_BranBootleg_Bran
Grail GET! Best christmas ever.
03 months ago (3 months ago)Hitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
If only this wasn't so expensive!
I'm really quite happy with my S&W collection now.. if only I could one day get this, I'd be set. :D
(not counting on it)
04 months agoHitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
Aka (4 months ago) #2417148This figure wasn't released by Good Smile Company.Woops, I thought this was the GSC Holo page. lol That's what I get for replying without checking what page I'm on.
14 months agoAkaAka Holo♥
Hitokiri_Ace (4 months ago) #2416861Oh ya, same here. I just couldn't justify that much. :/ Instead, I keep pestering GSC for a rerelease. heh.. :D
If only the whole of anime fans on reddit could be moved to join in the efforts.

This figure wasn't released by Good Smile Company.
04 months ago (1 month ago)Hitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
04 months agostrikeforceagentstrikeforceagent
Hitokiri_Ace (4 months ago) #2415936I saw that too.. boggles my mind. :|

I know right? It is one of my holy grail figures...but unless I was a crazy ass collector with money to burn, I would never pay more than $200 for a figure.

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