Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, ...Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, Good Smile Company)


Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, Good Smile Company)



Dengekiya and GoodSmile Shop exclusive.

Dengekiya order period: 2012/8/30 ~ 2012/10/30

GoodSmile order dates: Orders can be placed between the 4th September 2012 (Tues) from 16:00JST until the 30th October 2012 (Tues) at 21:00JST.

Approximately 200mm in height (including wings). 185mm up to head.



© Ascii Media Works / Good Smile Company / Visual Art's / Usagi

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06 days agoKosuraKosura
I pm'd as good as everyone who's selling her but not a single person replies to it ...
17 days agoPaulito37Paulito37
I've finally included her in my collection. I had to previously return one to a seller as the hair had a chip in it and faded hair colour as if it was on display. My current Tenshi is perfect, and now with an Angel Beats! announcement this December I feel I got her in time.
09 days agoDamonigneousDamonigneous
Looking to buy one PM me please
01 month agoXKatanaXKatana
AmiAmi (B/B) 14,380 JPY (ext link)
01 month agoomarssomarss
I have one im looking to sell, but fairly specific location in California, Los Angeles region pm if interested.
12 months agoFrozenfyreFrozenfyre
Looking to buy one! Please PM me!
02 months agoChomiechanChomiechan
Having 1 for sale looking for around 120€ pm me!
02 months ago (2 months ago)iYuzukiiYuzuki
I'm looking to buy one! Pm me
03 months ago (2 months ago)rivalappearsrivalappears
selling mine, PM if interested!
03 months agolilDriggylilDriggy
DQM_Terry (3 months ago) #2331173why is this one so expensive o.o?

It's a popular exclusive figure. It was exclusive to GSC's online shop. Exclusive figures are usually worth more than their retail price in the aftermarket.

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