Tears to Tiara - Arawn - Nendoroid #079 (Good Sm...Tears to Tiara - Arawn - Nendoroid #079 (Good Smile Company)


Tears to Tiara - Arawn - Nendoroid #079 (Good Smile Company)





© Good Smile Company / Itou Reiichi / Nendoron

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028 days agoNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
splitting him here: (mfc link)
21 year agocrocatootcrocatoot
I wish they would make a normal non-Nendo figure of him
01 year ago (1 year ago)NekoAleuNekoAleu Yellow Cutie
Still Selling..
12 years ago (1 year ago)JoichiJoichi
Ok I played the Tears to Tiara game... I really really like his character now :)
02 years agodgf50dgf50
Selling Mint NIB for $40+shipping. PM me if interested!
02 years agoSheliaShelia .✿. fujoshi
(ext link) 2500 yen only at Manda :)
02 years agoSheliaShelia .✿. fujoshi
Yay bought my Arawn for 2750 yen! Now I can display him next to my Riannon =D
02 years agoKokoSeikatsuKokoSeikatsu
looking for him for $40 shipped to australia, pm me if selling :)
02 years agoRyokoDWolfwoodRyokoDWolfwood
Just bought one off the market. He's so cute, can't believe I just got him.
03 years agojiejiejiejie
JoichiAnyone know what sort of stand does Arawn have? Just wondering if he has the hole in the back-design, so I can use one of my spare nendo bases on him :)
Nope, no hole in the back - he has the old seat base. It's quite stable on him because it goes all the way under his coat.

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