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01 year agoxnatsuxxnatsux
Im selling him for 10€
03 years agomaddynamitemaddynamite
I ended up buying another Bunny :)

If anyone needs the body and/or right arm for this figure, let me know and you can have it!
03 years agoling0qingling0qing
I'm selling him~ Ad 40429
and also other characters.
04 years ago (3 years ago)maddynamitemaddynamite
My husband knocked him off the shelf, and Bunny's left arm popped out. My husband thinks he swept up the arm and threw it away by accident :( If anyone has an extra, or a broken one with the left arm still in good condition, please contact me! I'll buy it off you for a reasonable price :)
04 years agoSheiyaSheiya
I'm selling this one! PM me for price and shipping!
04 years ago (4 years ago)kanaesgckanaesgc
clearing at 500JPY!
05 years agoKeganx188Keganx188
Thinking about selling this version, PM me if interested!


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