Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - EX Figure - Cospla...Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - EX Figure - Cosplay ver. (SEGA)



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02 years ago (2 years ago)IvoryIvory
Selling mine, contact me for more info. sold
02 years agoRainbow-LicorneRainbow-Licorne
NekoHades (2 years ago) #2367366are you still selling them? c: Yes please PM me
02 years agoNekoHadesNekoHades
Rainbow-Licorne (3 years ago) #1837255Selling mine along with konota!
PM for details!
are you still selling them? c:
03 years agoAlphaWolfSparkAlphaWolfSpark
If anyone is selling her and/or Konata, please PM me!!
03 years agoRainbow-LicorneRainbow-Licorne
Selling mine along with konota!
PM for details!
04 years agostar_muffinstar_muffin
Mandarake [ext link ]
04 years ago (4 years ago)charlecharle
I'm selling Kagami and Konata as a set for $30! Pm for more info.
04 years agoSztikeSztike
2850 JPY (set) [ext link ]
05 years agoWildstarWildstar

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