One Piece - Nico Robin - Excellent Model - Portr...One Piece - Nico Robin - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates MILD - 1/8 - Dereshi ver., CB-...


One Piece - Nico Robin - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates MILD - 1/8 - Dereshi ver., CB-EX (MegaHouse)





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01 month agoLionheartLionheart
wolluk77 (5 months ago) #2059120Okaaaaaaaaay, the announced reprint of this figure sure was unexpected to say the least. I mean it's a great figure and all but I wouldn't really bother to buy just this one CB Mild... At least re-do all the other ones Megahouse! They are so high on my wanted list, rather hard to find now though :( Well, it's a good way to get rid of people selling this used for a fortune I guess

I would buy all of them if they re-released them as well. I could see them doing really well as a limited edition release. I ordered this one already and I will just hope the others join her.
02 months agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
dennymaryani (2 months ago) #2230786anyone knew where can i find her again?
(ext link)
02 months agodennymaryanidennymaryani
anyone knew where can i find her again?
02 months agoMononyanMononyan
haha the price of her first release dropped to 4500 yen [sealed] on manda!

Surprisingly, I have enough patience to wait for the limited release, pretty box and all.
03 months agoPaleLightningPaleLightning
Kyoshi79 (3 months ago) #2185286NY, 3580 JPY (ext link)
Thanks man. Finally was able to get her at a decent price.
03 months agopiratestylepiratestyle
(ext link) Available at Animarket.
03 months agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 Moon Arcana
Available at Kolektakon as well (mfc link)
03 months agoKyoshi79Kyoshi79
NY, 3580 JPY (ext link)
13 months ago (3 months ago)MononyanMononyan
Her new box design is creative and cute (looks like books!), much better than the first release picture #1012491

A little surprised they didn't change the base, but it's fine the way it is
03 months ago (3 months ago)Anime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order $31.98 @ Anime-Island
*Earn Island Rewards points on all purchases! See following link for details: (ext link) Earn $0.96 in Island Rewards on this item!!

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