One Piece - Eustass Kid - Excellent Model - Port...One Piece - Eustass Kid - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Maximum - 1/8 (MegaHouse)





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06 days agoRychiRychi
Selling mine pm me
Box a little damaged
01 month ago (1 month ago)suwa194suwa194
02 months agotollerulle47tollerulle47
Selling mine!
Perfect condition - like new.
Pls contact me via PM for more information.
04 months agoNendo9Nendo9
Looking to part with Captain Kidd.
Like New. Opened and displayed once for a month, and then right back into the box.
Forced to downsize, so I'll be parting him for a good price.
PM if interested.
04 months agotsubametsubame
Unfortunately I have to sell him.

sale #102666
05 months agohsuehyiphsuehyip
How much are you selling yours?

Hooyden (5 months ago) #9536005Sell him / je le vends
05 months agoHooydenHooyden
Sell him / je le vends
01 year agoOPfigureArtOPfigureArt
how much? box unopen?
Meimei4 (1 year ago) #4084168Thinking about selling him because of space issues.
01 year agoMeimei4Meimei4
Thinking about selling him because of space issues.
01 year agokurisu_mikarukurisu_mikaru
maggie (1 year ago) #3818708Nah I don't think Mandarake would sell a bootleg honestly. His price got kind of low because he's SO HUGE that shipping put everyone off.

Ohhh I see. Hope the same thing happens to the POP Franky who is also damn huge haha.

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