Shining Hearts - Shiawase no Pan - Neris Filiam ...Shining Hearts - Shiawase no Pan - Neris Filiam - CharaGumin (Volks)


さらに!『シャイニング・ハーツ ~幸せのパン~』の3人娘。
ネリス、アミル、エアリィが商品化決定! 現在鋭意制作中です! 続報をお待ちくださいませ♪

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03 years agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
First it was Asuna, and now it turns out that Neris will be turned into a CharaGumin, too. Why is Volks doing this to me!??
04 years agoastarte952astarte952
she is 16? they look older than that.
04 years agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
I wonder if she will still be released. Based on other comments I've read before, Volks is well known for taking their time, but it worth the wait. If she turns out to be as good as the Asuna they are working on, this figure will be a must have. And I'm such a sucker for Neris!! xD.
04 years agoastarte952astarte952
bikini version is coming 2013 too! but when? she should wear the version like in anime!
05 years agoastarte952astarte952
in diesem fall solltest du dir ein brot der fröhlichkeit kaufen und die sorgen darüber vergessen! xd!
05 years agoAki_AsagiriAki_Asagiri
astarte952 (5 years ago) #1003593i think only in 2013 we have the chance to get her.

...and I hope she won´t be so expensive QQ
05 years agoastarte952astarte952
i think only in 2013 we have the chance to get her.
05 years agokeithgatorkeithgator
I'm pretty excited about this figure, never mind the Limited label since that's always a marketing ruse. But the Volks Maxima and Mistral don't look that impressive. And the price tag on those 2 are just downright ridiculous.
05 years agoAki_AsagiriAki_Asagiri
I want a Neris figure sooo bad! Why does she have to be an exclusive??? Why??? T___T
05 years agoastarte952astarte952
watch episode 9 from the anime and you can see them all with lorna in bikinis.

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