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Limited to only 10.000 Pieces and had been only available via
Amazon Japan and Animate.
Comes bundled with Snow Miku Nendo Puchi.


01  Snow Piece by 19's Sound Factory feat Miku
02  Winter Alice by doriko feat Miku
03  ひとひらの/ Hitohira no by Nori-P feat Miku
04  冬の星座/ Fuyu no Seiza by Captain Mirai feat Rin
05  Chillyditty Of February by DARS feat KAITO
06  soundless voice by HitoshizukuP feat Len
07  White Lights  Sound Leaf feat Miku
08  ゆきうさぎ/ Yuki Usagi by OSTER project feat MEIKO
09  キミボシ/ Kimiboshi by 40mP feat Miku
10 つないだ手/ Tsunaida Te by mikuru396 feat Miku
11 冬の魔法/ Fuyu no Mahou by Studio IIG feat Miku
12 冬のサクラ。/ Fuyu no Sakura. SixteenRemix by AVTechNO! feat Luka
13 Bonus Track: こたつのうた/ Kotatsu no Uta by maporo feat Miku



© Crypton Future Media / Good Smile Company / 19's Sound Factory / 40mP / AVTechNO! / Doriko / Hitoshizuk...

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01 year ago (1 year ago)MiauMiau
3980JPY [ext link ]
03 years agoJ-FigureJ-Figure
Available for pre-order @ J-Figure.com (¥6,254)
Pre-owned but as clean as new.
#1929078 // Sponsored by JFigure.com


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