Popotan - Mii (Bandai Visual, CM's Corporation)Popotan - Mii (Bandai Visual, CM's Corporation)



  • Limited + Exclusive
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Bundled with the limited edition DVD vol.3 (BCBA-1693) of the Popotan anime.
DVD caption: あなたにア・ゲ・ル♥BOX ~みい~



© Bandai Visual / CM's Corporation / Petit Ferret

Comments (2)

02 years ago (2 years ago)nekomimisnekomimis
I bought the dvd to get her and she's alright. the sculpt isn't terrible but the figure itself is really sticky and the paint is... questionable. I can't say I'd recommend it unless you're hellbent on owning every Popotan figure
04 years ago (3 years ago)ghostmuffinghostmuffin
i want her very badly... if you're selling, please PM me right away! ;_;/)
finally getting her! so hyped! <3

and so i wasn't able to get her afterall, sobsob;;.. please alert me if selling..!


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