Fate/Stay Night - Saber - Premium Prize (Taito)Fate/Stay Night - Saber - Premium Prize (Taito)


Fate/Stay Night - Saber - Premium Prize (Taito)





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08 months agoVeiradAVeiradA
Love this one
In my opinion is is one of the best saber figures, her facial expressions and pose are so great
Quality also
08 months agoKyragosKyragos
Selling mine, from France. PM me for price offer and shipping cost.
09 months agoXKatanaXKatana
1,200 yen mandarake - (ext link)
01 year agorafaf29rafaf29
This was my first Saber figure! And it's awesome!
Really big and cool face expression! :D
01 year agoplasmah77plasmah77
How do you tell the Taito Saber bootleg from the real thing? Thanks I just ordered mine from Amazon and when I get it I want to check.
02 years agoNeko_HibaNeko_Hiba
Very nice figure, my first Saber
02 years agoTy001Ty001
Pretty cool for a prize figure.
02 years agoRuttsuRuttsu as Ruttsu
Got mine today, She's my 1st Saber figure and I'm very pleased with her.
02 years agoLeo22334455Leo22334455
I got her at a decent price, and she is quite weighty and I think shes pretty good for the price!
The sculpting and the painting is great for the clothes and armour. the only thing I thought was a bit off was the hair and the face. The hair is pretty chunky and Saber's chin could poke someones eye out.

overall quite a nice figure :>
02 years agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
Sorry,I actually mixed her up with the A prize of a lottery they are currently running here.kettenkrad (2 years ago) #1277181You can buy her for Y800 b/new at Mandarake. If you have other collector friends, you can open a batch for that particular branch to save on shipping fee, then you can get her at around Y1500 tops maybe? On the contrary, I think Taito is doing great so far, but my comparison is based on Taito's past works and not to other prize manufacturers because as you said they're still far behind. Great example is their Lucy and Erza prize figs which is now Y5000 at minimum. At least they're better than Furyu, that's for sure :P

Sorry,I actually mixed her up with the A prize of a lottery they are currently running here.

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