Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny - Chouun Shiryuu - 1/...Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny - Chouun Shiryuu - 1/8 - Limited Color Ver. (Happinet)



  • Limited + Exclusive
    Ganbou Hyakkaten ...
    ¥7,179 convert into USD
Limited only 800 are made



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02 years agoSakuraiSakurai
gumonshoe (2 years ago) #2323114this is on amiami
It's occurrences like this that make me believe a 1/500 production Art of War Guts or something might pop up sometime. /praytoPVCgods
12 years agogumonshoegumonshoe
this is on amiami
03 years agoffenrisffenris
Picked up for 12000yen from Mandarake, will make a nice pair with armored Sonsaku.
04 years ago (4 years ago)ffenrisffenris
Item B/Box B on AmiAmi preowned going for 16380yen! [ext link ]
05 years agoAkaichiAkaichi
Hello everyone,

If you are selling or know someone selling any figure of Chouun Shiryuu (趙雲 子龍) from Ikki Tousen (一騎当千) as a secondhand with low price, please let me know by Private Message.

I will appreciate your help.
With best wishes, Akaichi.
06 years agoJungerJunger
Got mine today for 40$, good deal I guess! Very good looking, good quality, a little bit lightweight though...
07 years agoXillXill
Mine is starting to lean a little bit :-(
07 years ago
Hi, can you help me? is still for sale
in some online store?
08 years ago (8 years ago)AshlotteAshlotte Full-time Reviewer
Yea Ikki figures and all...repaints a given...Though I gotta say I like this color alot better then the original to be honest.
08 years agoLCLC
Why am I not surprised on the repaint version? ^^

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