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Wonder Festival 2012 Summer event exclusive. Limited to 500 pieces.
Hirohiko Araki JOJO exhibition 2012 exclusive. Limited to 300 pieces.
In bundle with the purple Star Platinum : item #112707



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Comments (3)

05 years agoSionaSiona
And it will certainly have a blue Jotaro/Star Platinum in the futur.
05 years agomginsbromginsbro
i totally agree with you!
but i feel bad because a green jotaro is always searched for.
i have the grey star platinum rare from medicos gashapon vol.1 & a green jotaro bust (the with the fist of star as base) and i combine those two together!
i do not know if i;ll ever go for this set.
one sure is for sure medicose has to stop her repaints-its starting to become ridiculous...
05 years agoIKKIsamaIKKIsama
Hmm I don't know... I used to buy part 3 repaints but now there are so many it's hard to keep up.


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