Elfen Lied - Nana - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)Elfen Lied - Nana - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)





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03 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥46,280)
direct link to the item - > [ext link ]
Shipped from Japan
Worldwide shipping
Official brand new item
#18486362 // Sponsored by Ninoma
010 months agoandieuchihaandieuchiha
I know this is probably unlikely but would anyone be willing to sell theirs in the 300 something dollar range?
011 months agovege96vege96
Anyone who's selling this please pm me :)
11 year agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
melonmacaron (1 year ago) #5500955I still want her 8 years later.

Same. If only another figure company would make a different scale of her, then I could happily give up my search. At this point I'll take a Nana scale from any company. XD
11 year agomelonmacaronmelonmacaron
I still want her 8 years later.
01 year ago (1 year ago)DBZfantomStrikRDBZfantomStrikR o Hario Harima o
Found an auction of Nana on eBay
[ext link ]
11 year ago (1 year ago)Deamon666Deamon666
I Selling my Lucy and Nana with extra part. Perfect condition. Boxes damaged. Email me for photos and price.
02 years agoDBZfantomStrikRDBZfantomStrikR o Hario Harima o
The thought of being broke hurts T-T
[ext link ]
52 years agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
Not gonna lie. I particularly disliked Elfen Lied and thought it was overrated, but Nana was the best thing about it and I couldn't help but love her. T-T Of course, I still don't like her character design too much.
02 years ago (2 years ago)DarkfrogDarkfrog
I am selling both my Lucy and Nana figures (preferably as a set.) The extra parts are included, but I don't have the boxes anymore which means you get a better price than what they usealy sell for :) PM me if you are interested.

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