Naruto Shippuuden - Haruno Sakura - HQS - 1/8 (T...Naruto Shippuuden - Haruno Sakura - HQS - 1/8 (Tsume)



Limited to 600 pieces



© Tsume / Cyril Farudja

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019 days agoEwaruizEwaruiz
Selling mine. PM if interested.
03 months agoYametaYameta
Looking for this one.
PM for interested.
03 months agoEnki18Enki18
Hello everyone i am looking for this figure if anyone is selling and willing to work out a deal just shoot me a messege thank you^_^
03 months agoEwaruizEwaruiz
Selling mine. PM with offers if interested. USA seller
15 months agoTheMaulerTheMauler
Even if Megahouse makes a Sakura figure it won't be a scale and it's that "Gals" line which personally i don't like. Maybe when I win the lottery I'll buy this one :D
05 months ago (5 months ago)GTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine : sale #104103 SOLD
27 months agoKiz-xoKiz-xo
RedCloud (8 months ago) #14165859Megahouse save the day pls
Megahouse did start a Naruto Gals series! SO theres hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
38 months agoRedCloudRedCloud
Megahouse save the day pls
08 months ago_N_N
PVCollectorAaron (9 months ago) #13165764Did she come with 3 swords or 2 swords? I'm seeing some pictures with 2 and some with 3...

Mine came with 3. I can't believe she's worth £1,000 now. In the last six months her value has sky rocketed. Just saw over 21 people bidding on her. Ended at nearly £1,400. Crazy.
08 months agoJJ123JJ123
Interested in this, please let me know if anyone interested in selling.

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