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Created to commemorate the July 14 reopening of Tokyo's Joypolis.



© Sanrio / SEGA

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07 months agoSquareRagnarokSquareRagnarok
Looking for it, SOMEONE SELLING?,
07 months agoAshli-chanAshli-chan
I think I might just opt for the US release of this plush by Toynami. It looks like the quality isn't going to be as nice, but at least it'll be easier to get and cost a lot less. [ext link ]
08 months agoStarNouveauStarNouveau
i'm crying this is wayyyy too adorable i need it!!
03 years agoAshli-chanAshli-chan
chapters0 (3 years ago) #1492141anyone know where i can get it from msg!
Same here! I've ever only seen them on eBay, but the prices are a bit too high for me. ^^;
03 years agochapters0chapters0
anyone know where i can get it from msg!
24 years agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
what is this
04 years agomindlessmoansmindlessmoans
omg that was the cutest thing ever
04 years agoMiiishaMiiisha Rock-'n-Roll✿Princess
Lol cute..


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