The Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Rises - Batman...The Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Rises - Batman - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)


The Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Rises - Batman - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)





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126 days agoFSLARFSLAR
Jay (1 month ago) #2361590looking for him.PM sent, thinking of selling mine.
01 month agoJayJay
looking for him.
01 year agomochi_mochimochi_mochi
Just got mine today. The box is really beautiful; big and you can open the front flap to display the figure within the box.

The actual figure is really nice, the suit different textures at different parts and the face/mask sculpt is really intense and looks menacing like how a proper Batman should look like.
01 year agoRaithosRaithos High Definition
flah (1 year ago) #1364350Delayed to March!

Ah! Everything was delayed to March! :/
01 year ago (1 year ago)SweetIvySweetIvy
Video Preview of the 2013 Play Arts Kai/Square Enix Lineup

MTV Geek Interview (Preview for Batman @ 2:45)
01 year agoflahflah
Delayed to March!
02 years agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
02 years agobobstepbobstep
came out on amiami today for preorder
02 years agopetchy-monpetchy-mon
I am very surprised how the paint work came out on this. Very impressed.
02 years agoTerrorhuntTerrorhunt
Saw the painted version of this guy at CYBERGUNDAM and he looks pretty good. Bane on the other hand...

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