Black ★ Rock Shooter - Insane Black ★ Rock Shoot...Black ★ Rock Shooter - Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - TV Animation ver. (Good Smile Comp...





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01 day agoagentmozellagentmozell
JoshuaChang (2 days ago) #15533268Anyone can post a clear picture of the manual included in the box? :( I've lost mine. :<

Are you still needing this? I can take a couple when I get home from work.
02 days agoJoshuaChangJoshuaChang
Anyone can post a clear picture of the manual included in the box? :( I've lost mine. :<
02 days agootakusanotakusan
Looking to sell mine, opened but in absolute mint condition. $200USD + shipping, location is Alberta Canada
07 days ago (7 days ago)acrwbyacrwby
acrwby (24 days ago) #15027551Selling sale #112110 Thanks for checking!

Still available
021 days agoLilieLilie
Her price just keeps rising, shes almost 30k in mandarake now and in several other shops nearing 35k :[
024 days ago (24 days ago)cableddcabledd
Selling mine! Opened and displayed but in great condition! sale #112173 PM for pictures or more information! I am selling off lots of other figures, including more Black Rock Shooter scales, check my shop! Sold! Other Black Rock Shooter scales still available! ^^
024 days ago (13 days ago)acrwbyacrwby
Selling sale #112110 Thanks for checking!
01 month agoghoXghoX
Someone is selling a used one from Italy on ebay: [ext link ]

Man I wish I had the money for her but I just got Ciel Alencon which killed my wallet for this month.^^
01 month ago (2 days ago)JoshuaChangJoshuaChang

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