Black ★ Rock Shooter - Insane Black ★ Rock Shoot...Black ★ Rock Shooter - Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - TV Animation ver. (Good Smile Comp...


Black ★ Rock Shooter - Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - TV Animation ver. (Good Smile Company)





© Good Smile Company / Huke / Kiking

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01 month agoVocalo-GenesisVocalo-Genesis
Selling very cheap, located in Aus. PM me if interested.
01 month ago (8 days ago)RudylovesReiRudylovesRei
Selling mine sale #50580

01 month ago (1 month ago)GkimoGkimo
Selling mine for 200cad + shipping
Note: opened just to check the inside but the blister still unopened otherwise its new.
21 month agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
I just brought home a display case big enough for her and MAN AM I HAPPY, SHE IS JUST PERFECT
Setting her up took less than 10 minutes, the instructions are super handy and easy to follow (BRS 1/8 Original ver with the stupid coat on her hand was a lot more of a pain, man!)

01 month agoCOLORCOLOR
Just received her! you really can't realize the size of the box until you have it in your hands ... XD
02 months agoKnight-HartKnight-Hart
How much is EMS shipping? (To Canada or USA)
02 months agoshinnnshinnn
GAHHHH should i get the nendoroid version and this or should i just get 1 of them first cause its gonna blow a hole in my pocket if i get both >_<
02 months agoore-samaore-sama
leongcha (2 months ago) #2266440Could you send it to Ireland?
Of course, I can send worldwide, but now I'm on holidays so until september it won't be able.
02 months agoleongchaleongcha
Could you send it to Ireland?ore-sama (2 months ago) #2256501Still selling mine new for 110€
02 months ago (1 month ago)ore-samaore-sama
Still selling mine new for 110€

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