Chobits - Chii - Lilics - 1/6 - Maid Ver. (Art S...Chobits - Chii - Lilics - 1/6 - Maid Ver. (Art Storm, Fewture)


Chobits - Chii - Lilics - 1/6 - Maid Ver. (Art Storm, Fewture)





© Art Storm / Fewture / Lilics / CLAMP / G.O.

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015 days agoToukoBlackToukoBlack
she's realy cute , i haved one in my hands and ... i couldn't buy it but she is soo amazing ;w; <3
01 month agoRubynextRubynext
In stock @ Japan Best
Get Yours Now!
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07 months agoNicoleWolff108NicoleWolff108
If anyone is selling her please PM me :)
01 year agoveraendsveraends
I'm selling this figure on Ebay right now!
(ext link)
02 years agoalibalbalalibalbal
Recently got her for 20$ used. Love her.
02 years ago (2 years ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara Let's rock, baby.
Kima (5 years ago) #25523Please 21603, can you correct Chii's name and change the scale to the official 1/7. Okay, she ist more like 1/6, but never 1/5. Cerberus Project (the sculpteurs) named it 1/7! thanks.
Sorry it took three years for this to be edited, but I changed her to 1/6 scale (Hobby Search says she's non-scale, but at least a couple of Japanese blogs have her at 1/6, so going by the latter, for now at least :P).
02 years agomilkmandanmilkmandan
Selling this figure. PM if interested. Free shipping to anywhere in US.
02 years agoDemiSoulsDemiSouls
6000yen Opened/Figure minor damage (ext link)
03 years agosquire642squire642
KiseiGot this years ago as a bootleg(amateur me OTL). I instantly realized it's a fake. Whoever put her together made a mistake with the skirt; they messed up the front and the back aka the back is short while the front covers up the knee. Now she rests forever in a landfill :( that was what happened with mine.. TT.TT had to return her
03 years agoAnimelover25Animelover25
i have it

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