Sword Art Online - Asuna - Figma #178 (Max Facto...Sword Art Online - Asuna - Figma #178 (Max Factory)


Sword Art Online - Asuna - Figma #178 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Asai (APSY) Masaki

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012 days agoTomoeTomoe
I see a lot of people asking for GSC to rerelease her so fingers crossed as I think this figma is gooooooooorgeous and I'm usually really picky about figma.. may just be my first figma if she is chosen to be rereleased <3
215 days ago (15 days ago)animeclass101animeclass101
I am hoping for a re release of this figure, I am glad there re releasing kirito and making sinon. I wish they would make more figures too from SOA by figma.
129 days agotanakatanaka
GordonWerner (1 month ago) #2378283you are very lucky if you can find a new copy for "only" 9000Y

Haha, i know.
I am hoping for a re-release ;P
01 month agoGordonWernerGordonWerner
tanaka (1 month ago) #2377941Oh man! It is being sold at 9000y now. The price is ridiculous

you are very lucky if you can find a new copy for "only" 9000Y
01 month agotanakatanaka
Oh man! It is being sold at 9000y now. The price is ridiculous
21 month ago (1 month ago)YummerlyYummerly
The things connected to her chest plate that are over her arms ALWAYS rip/start ripping. I hope they make a new or dif version of her, even though I personally can't stand her character.
01 month agodirtmirsterdirtmirster
Hey guys! If anyone happens to be selling an Asuna figma can you please let me know? I've been looking for her for so long. Thanks!
01 month agoLio127Lio127
Would anyone happen to have Asuna for sale? It's ridiculous just how hard she is to find now and at a reasonable price, especially for someone like me who just started collecting figures last year (started off cheap with prize figures, kind of regret it now seeing all the figmas I missed).
02 months ago (1 month ago)AlatarAlatar
I'm having to sell mine, please PM if interested. Also have a Kirito to go with her for additional value.
Quick edit to mention both were originally bought from AmiAmi, and are still sealed in their boxes.
£25 each + shipping (worldwide).

They've both been sold I'm afraid
12 months ago (2 months ago)FigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
Haven't owned one yet, but I was hoping that this figma will include a faceplate like this...


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