Alignment You! You! - Toire no Hanako-san no Sak...Alignment You! You! - Toire no Hanako-san no Sakurako-san - 1/6 (Okayama Figure Engineering)


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017 days ago (17 days ago)4catdoorman4catdoorman
Item listed on Big In Japan R18 section for 11 730 Yen.
018 days agocatfairycatfairy
There seems to be a yellow version too, except with a bigger chest
(ext link)
019 days agojulimanojulimano
Onikirimaru (19 days ago) #2238269Moeyo sample review (ext link)
Looks like the "fluids" are removable.

very nice! :3
119 days agoOnikirimaruOnikirimaru
Moeyo sample review (ext link)
Looks like the "fluids" are removable.
020 days agojulimanojulimano
man, I love Matsumoto Drill works but I dont like all those "fluids", I'm waiting until release to see if it can be removed...
020 days agocatfairycatfairy
(ext link)

12,600 yen. Seems fair, hopefully item #198895 will be next to come ;-;
021 days agoRyanHljRyanHlj
Available for pre-order @ HobbyLink Japan (¥13,110)
Product page => (ext link)
#2235171 // Sponsored by HobbyLink J...
021 days agoXeldanXeldan
Nana_Chigusa (21 days ago) #2234635So much want. :x

So much ordered. :D
021 days agoNana_ChigusaNana_Chigusa
So much want. :x
03 months agoBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Mictlantecuhtli (5 months ago) #1988152Original Character!!?, reminds me to Sakurako, from "Alignment you! you!"
Delayed response but you are totally right, the poster even says these details. Updated!

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