Alignment You! You! - Toire no Hanako-san no Sak...Alignment You! You! - Toire no Hanako-san no Sakurako-san - 1/6 (Okayama Figure Engineering)


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© Okayama Figure Engineering / Matsumoto Drill Kenkyujo

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09 days agoShadowstepShadowstep
Yokatta still ignore my messages after a month i have paid the shipping for her, anyone else having issues with them?
017 days agojapticjaptic
so.. i have this figure alone for ages and now i found that when i was pulling that pantie it is ripping part of that white.. stuff on her leg.. it is destroying my figure QQ
02 months agocatfairycatfairy
Nana_Chigusa (2 months ago) #2806712Still available anywhere besides BiJ as they banned me?

amiami JP site, but they literally took it off the English site...
02 months agoNana_ChigusaNana_Chigusa
Still available anywhere besides BiJ as they banned me?
02 months agoTascheTasche
japtic (2 months ago) #2796290how did u do it... i am having similar problem... mine is just on op left side of her right thigh

uhhh, have a good pair of modeling pliers, hobby knife, and a good steady hand. the "diaper" for me is no more, i cut it and tore it up. but since its glued, you'll have to pick at it with something sharp until it comes loose then cut it off bit by bit.
02 months agojapticjaptic
Tasche (2 months ago) #2793160apparently, some retard didnt think before he did mine and managed to glue the entire groin area with the panties. needless to say, i had to do some surgery on that area. scruffed up the inside thighs pretty good, but managed to get all but acouple of fibre strands that are still stuck to her garter. bah. waste of money? not sure at this point.

how did u do it... i am having similar problem... mine is just on op left side of her right thigh
02 months ago (2 months ago)japticjaptic
sigh... after few time with fighting with her underwear which looks like dieper to me...
pwart of it is stuck on her thigh...(where her white bends are)
and it would not budge from it... QQ

i wish i can full take her clothe off... it is annoying to pull this underwear off...

Edit: i just found something shiny on her underwear.... must be glued to that white bend....... sigh..
02 months agojapticjaptic
well she looks beautiful. i like her face better than the ofiicial pictures
just... lets just hope that i can take this thing off without damaging the figure.
and i got some black marks where the underwears are.... QQ
02 months agojapticjaptic
so... only way to take off the underwear is to cut it???
02 months agopawprintpawprint
Was going to leave mine on but after reading your comments Tasche I thought I'd take a look. Thankfully no mishaps on mine.

Word of warning to other owners make sure you don't cut the clothing straps when moving onto the tissue around the breasts, I almost snipped them!

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