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Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Event

This is an event brochure that looks back to the commemorative 10 years of TYPE-MOON. Works are listed chronology and included hundreds of comments from people who worked with us.The commemorative illustration gallery received contributions from more than 30 artists. Mr. Chinatsu and Morii's collaboration is the highlight. Further it includes large illustrations of 22 artists whom participated.

Info: [ext link ]



© Type Moon / Nasu Kinoko / Takeuchi Takashi

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07 months agobabygerberbabygerber
What's the difference between this one item #119286?
02 years agotanakatanaka
Is this book huge in dimension?
04 years agoHelganaHelgana
[ext link ] 4000 yen
05 years ago (4 years ago)dymitrdymitr
4000Yen Mandarake: [ext link ]
05 years ago (5 years ago)dymitrdymitr
3000Yen Mandarake: [ext link ]
05 years agosorrowmoonsorrowmoon #47
Desudes (5 years ago) #1087433Hard cover?

It's not hard cover. I got mine off yahoo japan auctions. There's some shop in kyoto that sells it but you'll need a proxy to pick it up for you.

There's a bunch of things on my blog that was said about it (mfc link)
05 years agoKierAngelKierAngel HERPADERP
Can anyone share how to acquire this?
05 years agometeorstormedmeteorstormed
This thing really has some fantastic stuff in it.
05 years agoDesudesDesudes
Hard cover?
05 years agosorrowmoonsorrowmoon #47
Any help with this entry would be appreciated


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