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01 year agoAlevBlackAlevBlack
I'm selling him with Trading Arts Mini 4. :) PM if you are interested ^^
02 years agoPineappleSkewerPineappleSkewer
Did they just give up on these sets? ): It has been quite some time since they last released these. I was really hoping they'd make all FF characters so I could collect the whole FFIX party.
06 years agoclytieclytie
I actually BOUGHT the damn bootlegs from Ebay. *sigh*

He's so cute. <3
06 years agoAsheAshe
Watch out, found some bootleg versions on ebay.
07 years agoMona_samaMona_sama
Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Vivi!!! *too cute*
So glad that they chose him. ^^
07 years agoMona_samaMona_sama
I think the figure collecting community needs more Vivi´s! XD
You´ll mine, little fella!!! You and your PA brother!
07 years agoBakoursBakours
Oh boy, you're mine :D

Funny version of Vivi, I like it.

Zetsubo-san, you don't miss any new Square-Enix product :D
07 years agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
OMG, there's more Trading Arts Minis being made?! :D


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