Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/8 - Aincrad ver. (K...Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/8 - Aincrad ver. (Kotobukiya)


Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/8 - Aincrad ver. (Kotobukiya)




© Ascii Media Works / Kotobukiya / Kawahara Reki / Nakamura Hirotoshi

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01 day ago (1 day ago)inovarinovar Nyannnn! (ΦωΦ)
blackprime (1 day ago) #2094495just wondering if this can be shipped with sal small parcel?

Yes she can I recently shipped her with 2 other figures and it fit ;)
01 day agoblackprimeblackprime
just wondering if this can be shipped with sal small parcel?
02 days agoKarenaiHanaKarenaiHana
I received mine today and she looks absolutely beautiful~! :3 I love her~
023 days agoMarika21Marika21 Ho-oeeee!! (.o.) *~
Selling my Asuna. Located in UK sale #46821
023 days agoWeskerWesker
So many people selling... But I live in Brazil and the shipping will be damn high x_x
028 days agoa-funga-fung
Selling mine. New in box. PM for details.
01 month agoInaraInara
Selling mine. PM for details
02 months agosandstone747sandstone747
Got mine today, love GSC's and this one so much! I am getting GSc's too! LOVE MY WAIFU<3
02 months agoadmiral_Kikanadmiral_Kikan
I'm looking to sell mine, brand new hasn't been opened. $65 LO me if you are interested. :)
02 months agoPaleLightningPaleLightning

Got mine today, although was disputed between her and the GSC one coming out, but in the end gave up and decided to get this one. The face was very well sculpted, better than GSC ver from the looks of it and yeah just brilliant figure. Its Asuna, what can go wrong.

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