DRAMAtical Murder - Noiz - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Se...DRAMAtical Murder - Noiz - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series #21 (Gift)


DRAMAtical Murder - Noiz - Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series #21 (Gift)


Nitroplus Museum pre-sale. Gift Online Shop exclusive.



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014 hours agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Oh so annoying I was about a minute late and he all sold out. :|
014 hours ago (11 hours ago)dog10170dog10170
The entire set minus the twins are available on NY!!!
02 days agoiksrpiksrp (〃δ ◡ δ) x (눈_눈)
I ordered for the new release ;-; hopefully I get him last time I ordered from This proxy they had to refund me cause they didn't have enough.

*crosses fingers* he's so beautiful I can't wait.
05 days agomekyumekyu
Applia (5 days ago) #2088927

I'm going to answer your questions by PM or commenting your page to not pollute Noiz page. I'm not an expert but I'll try to tell you what I know.
05 days ago (5 days ago)AppliaApplia
mekyu (7 days ago) #2085593As ErenJager said, it's impossible to get them for 3000 or less. I ordered them during the preorder session last January-February and I paid 4200 yen/plush (with all the proxy fees + domestic shipping + international shipping). But unfortunately, I got hit by customs and paid an extra of 22€. But overall, it was an Amiami order with plushes that was taxed sorry for the confusion.
They were quite cheap I think ^^. There will be another preorder *war* in May, lucy4 is making a GO for it but there are already a lot of people in list. I'm thinking of asking other proxies to get the plushes I want ~~

Oh I was just talking about the base price of the item itself only when I said 3000 yen or less (its retail price). So the extra fees (proxy and shipping) came to 1200 yen for you then? That's quite good :O

Preorder war? You mean on amiami? Or gift? I'm sort of new to these things, but on amiami, how long does it take for a plush to be sold out? And like how do you know when they will stock it in the first place?

I've never ordered from amiami before either so I was a bit confused. You get taxed on their items?

And sorry to hear about customs, ugh why would they do that >.< I heard they do that though if the items are over a certain price threshold? I could be wrong though!

Goodness, I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm really such a newbie with these things ^^;
05 days ago (4 days ago)brandzessxxbrandzessxx
I'm selling mine in case anyone is interested. It's brand new and still in it's original packing. Never took it out and I bought it from the last pre-orders they had open so it's really new. I have Clear, Noiz, Mink, Koujaku, Trip and Virus that I want to sale in case anyone is interested please message me! ALL SOLD OUT NOW, THANK YOU!
06 days agomekyumekyu
I could finally see my plushes and the Dmmd ones are awesome ! I own a few plushes from Gift but I must say the Dmmd plushes are the best ! They got so much details and everything, I love Noiz's hoodie and he's one the cutest among my plushes :D
06 days agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
Namiel (6 days ago) #2087131I'd only want to have aoba but I guess he is full too huh? :/
Which slots are open?

Atm,all slots are taken,sorry.
06 days ago (6 days ago)NamielNamiel Miracle∞Namiacle
lucy4 (6 days ago) #2087064Well,I'm doing one but Noiz' slots are already full...

I'd only want to have aoba but I guess he is full too huh? :/
Which slots are open?
06 days agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
Namiel (6 days ago) #2086979Someone open for an European Group Order?

Well,I'm doing one but Noiz' slots are already full...

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