Sengoku Basara - Sanada Yukimura - Revoltech - N...Sengoku Basara - Sanada Yukimura - Revoltech - No. 080 (Kaiyodo)




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© Kaiyodo / Tsuchibayashi Makoto / Yamaguchi Katsuhisa

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01 year agoShizuyaShizuya
AmiAmi A/B ¥3980 [ext link ]
02 years agoDede1511Dede1511
I'm looking for this :( PM me if you want to sell it!
03 years agothedante90thedante90
Selling mine, pm for info
04 years agoTetsuZTetsuZ
I have the white version and I want to burn this figure, it is horrible.
04 years agocnmikurucnmikuru
It's weird how terrible the sales of this figure is.

I think it looks way cool :o
05 years agoyukimurakungyukimurakung
05 years agosairu9sairu9
huhu I managed to get him and Date togetherat a good price at a convo <3 lucky~~~
06 years agoSearchmanDSSearchmanDS
HLJ has him on inventory clearance.
06 years agoMia-chanMia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き!
On sale at Otacute (from US$19.90 to US$12.50): [ext link ]
06 years agoYuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazami MMS Type Trap
Didn't even watch the series properly. But these guys just look like so much fun. Ordered.

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