Nitro Super Sonic - Sonico - 1/7 - Bondage ver. ...Nitro Super Sonic - Sonico - 1/7 - Bondage ver. (Orchid Seed)


Nitro Super Sonic - Sonico - 1/7 - Bondage ver. (Orchid Seed)



Re-release: Orchid Seed online shop exclusive.



© Nitroplus / Orchid Seed / Tanaka Masanori / Tsuji Santa

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08 days agoASH-HikariASH-Hikari
Mandarake 13,000 yen (ext link)
01 month agofleetblossomfleetblossom
amiami | ITEM:A/BOX:B | 13,080 JPY | (ext link)
01 month agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
On Mandarake for 13k Yen. "not opened. box little damaged."
(ext link)
02 months ago (11 days ago)TomTheCatTomTheCat
Amiami preowned:
A/B 12280 Yen (ext link)
02 months agoCloud_StrifeCloud_Strife
Nady (3 months ago) #2080259Where did you get yours?

At Mandarake. 12K new, a little overprice but worth every YEN.

Today arrive and she's gorgeous *_*
03 months agoabdeljoelabdeljoel
i don't want to do it but situations happens, Im… may…have…to….sell…mine… sigh*
pm if… interested.. be sensitive tho V_V
03 months ago (3 months ago)ryuuganomfcryuuganomfc
ah, wrong post
pls delete this.........
03 months agoNadyNady
Cloud_Strife (3 months ago) #2079915After all these time finally ordered
Where did you get yours?
03 months agoCloud_StrifeCloud_Strife
After all these time finally ordered. Can't wait to get her!.
08 months agojiecaojiecao
8780 B/B on amiami
(ext link)

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