Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book ...Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - Setting Materials: Kni...


Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - Setting Materials: Knights of Iris (Ascii Media Works)




© Ascii Media Works / Kozaki Yusuke

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01 month agoRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com (¥3,800)
Product page => (ext link)
#2000940 // Sponsored by HobbyLink J...
02 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
what was its retail price? im tempted to get her but not looking to pay twice the price XD
03 months agoEnthEnth
Got this artbook for xmas and its already one of my absolute favourites - HIGHLY recommend for anyone who really likes the game!
010 months agoRosettRosett Henry's waifu
Lovely artbook. Has a little bit of everything. I especially adore the confession images ♥
010 months agoConaeConae
Was holding out for a possible english release of this book but I'll just double dip if it happens. I love this game too much, it's been ages since I played a Fire Emblem game. ;w;
010 months agoTommyTommy
I got it! It's gorgeus, includes EVERYTHING about the game, not only illustrations, but conversations, storyboards, etc...
011 months agoHallonHallon
My favorite artbook <3
01 year agoreshi0918reshi0918
Glad that I nabbed one on release - seems sold out everywhere / overpriced except for amazon Japan.
01 year ago (1 year ago)kngukngu
So glad I ordered this yesterday because it just sold out on CD Japan today!
Back-ordered on HLJ if anyone's still looking for this.
01 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Febreeze (1 year ago) #1315182Oh. that blows. :C Actually it makes me wanna buy the physical game as well orz; I was considering aiming for a 3DS XL, but I'm not even sure if it's such a big difference? I... haven't actually ever been able to compare them both hands-on. >_>
Even if I don't get the preorder bonus I'll probably get this artbook soon! It looks so nice!
I've found a few Japanese blog "loot" pics (ext link) but I kinda feel weird uploading them. I did find what I think might be some sample pages on the publisher's website (ext link), but you need to download a reader and I'm currently not able to use my JP-enabled OS. Boo. I was hoping to find the full book scanned but no such luck yet x:
Hopefully we'll get some sort of figures from this Fire Emblem, even! 8D I used to be such a huge FE fan due to the GBA games and this latest release really had me excited for a while there. I'm so glad they decided to release it in English so I can hopefully play it soon.

Haha, I was actually thinking about getting the physical release and the 3ds bundle too. I just want that artbook :'( I really hope they include it. Ah, I just read a short article that said a similar 3DS bundle was only $170, so maybe this one will be as cheap? I hope so.
I haven't played a 3DS XL either, but the I heard that it stretches out normal DS games, so that's the main reason I don't want one. I still have a few DS games in my backlog, and I don't want them all pixel-y.
Thanks for the links! This book does look pretty nice. I found some pics I could upload (ext link) That blushing page.
Who would you want figures of not that I know who any of them are...? I've actually never played a FE game before ^////^ I'm just really excited for this after seeing so many videos and articles about it. It just looks so good!

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