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© Kaiyodo / Yamaguchi Katsuhisa

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03 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥3,216)

Product page : [ext link ]
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 29 USD | 26 EUR | 38 CAD
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02 years agoCyborgCyborg
I finally got it. 2000 yens. It is a good price?
05 years agoK-MuK-Mu
This convoy looks great! Plus, this limited edition is not that hard to find on the web. I should buy it someday :)
06 years agoSpartanSpartan
Yes, but Kaiyodo always used the normal box for limited version. Ultra Magnus has Convoy box, the same way that Macross' Max and Milia versions of VF-1J doesn't mention that they are Max and Milia.

So, as far as the figure is concerned, Convoy figure, Ultra Magnus' version may be correct, but it seems wrong with regard to the character :/
06 years agoAyaToyBoxAyaToyBox
TransfotakuName's still wrong. Should be Ultra Magnus, not Convoy.
But still written Convoy on it's Box
07 years agoTransfotakuTransfotaku
Name's still wrong. Should be Ultra Magnus, not Convoy.
07 years agoVodkAVodkA
There are few things i dont quite like from the figure...

1. shoulder joints to the upper arm = not exist, only holding up to tiny...err i dont know what to call in mine, the right arm of it become loose and fall off~

2. limited accessories

3. just the same like convoy, only different color...they should've make something different even just a tiny bit in character design.
09 years agoLennethLenneth the blue valkyrie
oops sorry I hadn't finished that last sentence when I hit submit. It should be Ultra Magnus Revoltech Yamaguchi Series No. 019
09 years agoLennethLenneth the blue valkyrie
There are a lot of mistakes in the Revoltech Transformers on here so I'm trying to fix them up. :)

This is the Ultra Magnus version of Convoy, not Ultra Magnum (typo). And it's number in the series is 19.

The version should be just Revoltech Yamaguchi Ver.


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