Vocaloid - Kaito - Figma #192 (Max Factory)Vocaloid - Kaito - Figma #192 (Max Factory)


Vocaloid - Kaito - Figma #192 (Max Factory)





© Crypton Future Media / Max Factory / Asai (APSY) Masaki

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01 day agokawaiiAlicekawaiiAlice
Can he sits on 1/12 scale chair? I'm planning buying him but I'm scared if he can't sit on the chair that I bought :( because of his coat.
02 days agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert
I'm interested in buying this figure if anyone is selling. They have it on Amazon.com brand new for $49 with free 2 day shipping so if you are selling, I'd only buy if it was a good bit less than that.
01 month agoKineraiKinerai
Selling mine for 30$ + shipping, it looks brand new and comes with the original box and faces/accessories. Message me if you're interested, thanks!
02 months agoCaptain-KeiCaptain-Kei
I really love this figma
02 months agotanakatanaka
Got him.....nice :)
02 months agotanakatanaka
Kiby19 (2 months ago) #2217152totally YES

Really? Hmm, I will be getting one then. Thanks :)
02 months agoKiby19Kiby19
tanaka (5 months ago) #2064978Is this a good figma to collect?

totally YES
02 months agoKiby19Kiby19
i bought him to complete my vocaloid figma collections, i didn't like kaito that much but this figma it's gorgeous ;__; I really love him! I mean, woah, i never expected to like it like actually like

I totally recommend him!!
02 months agoEllyElly
Selling my brand-new one for $35. Contact me if you're interested!
03 months ago (2 months ago)Kiby19Kiby19
4990JPY (ext link)

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