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03 months agodogs547895dogs547895
looking for a set <3
06 months ago (4 months ago)MiauMiau
011 months agoxhiganbanaxhiganbana Chillyteets
citrus (2 years ago) #3288573Sell all of the Mikus in this set, brand-new unopened. Asking $35 before shipping or best offer!

Still available?
12 years agocitruscitrus
Sell all of the Mikus in this set, brand-new unopened. Asking $35 before shipping or best offer!
12 years ago (2 years ago)sillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
http://media.tumblr.com/f0b34e8f747533cbcc70937aaa782d30/tumblr_inline_n2pje2TPZt1qdlkyg.gif I'm selling this!! Please PM for details and if you're interested. Thank you :) SOLD
12 years agoabiabi
Selling this item, PM for more details =)
03 years agostrawberinrinstrawberinrin
papaneko (3 years ago) #1740454Really? I thought mine's pretty bad. I'd say... it's Griffon level manufacture quality. Almost gashapon level if you discount the fact the original sculpt is very good. Definitely the worst GSC product I've ever bought. A far faaar cry from the usual GSC quality, even including mishaps like last year's Snow Miku and Inori. Heck, I almost thought I misread the preorder info, and it was GSC designed only and manufactured by somebody else, until I looked at the box and it says GSC.
It's still acceptable for me because they're quite cheap, and with quality being so low, I wont hesitate to actually use them on my phone daily, which is what I intended in the first place. And it helps that Rin and Len seems to suffer the worst, since I bought this mainly for Miku. Everybody who bought them for collecting though, would probably be quite disappointed.
And I disagree about their durability too. I had to glue back exactly this Miku back onto her phone jack because it just fell off.
If you actually want a cheap phone decoration you can use, they're okay, but I don't recommend buying them for display.

I would like to agree with papaneko on this. At first I thought they were bootlegs because of the not-so-good, if not too horrible paint jobs. The image on the box is really different from the piece itself. The box showed nice colors and I had expected the same quality if not too much. I would admit that I got a bit disappointed at first because of the color differences (miku's hair looks lighter on the actual product and I do not like the paint).

To be specific I got the miku sitting on the cloud, but I also got a really good look on the Len one. Len's paint job suffered alright. yep. and it's official, it's not a bootleg. I solely got this to use as phone accessory, but considering the quality I might not use it anymore.

On the contrary, it's not as bad as it seems, and I'd like to give the design a chance since the mini figures still look cute. I'd still love to collect the other mikus, and maybe a lazy rin too.
03 years agothesixthesix
I'm looking for one of these, if anyone happens to be selling.
13 years agoYuanMoriYuanMori Fluffy gumiho
Lost my first one :( She fell off my phone and I had to order a replacement off of an ebay scalper.

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