Pocket Monsters - Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! -...Pocket Monsters - Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! - N - Zorua - DXF Figure (Banpresto)


Pocket Monsters - Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! - N - Zorua - DXF Figure (Banpresto)





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07 days agoMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
Please message me if you're selling either N figures! Thank you! ^ ^
011 days agoberiiberii
Interested in buying both this and N's other figure!! Please tell me if you are interested in selling him!!
73 months agoKuroUchihaKuroUchiha SHSL Loser
N deserves more figures.
just two figures is not enough.
It will never be enough.
I want a nendoroid. I would give everything for N nendoroid.
05 months ago (4 months ago)KuroUchihaKuroUchiha SHSL Loser
Got mine today aswell ^~^
05 months agoErenJagerErenJager
Got them today ^_^
05 months agoKuroUchihaKuroUchiha SHSL Loser
I just ordered this figure and the other one with Darumakka as a set
I can't wait for them to arrive~
06 months ago (5 months ago)ErenJagerErenJager
I'm interested in buying! PM me!
08 months agomelontonmelonton
interested in buying this
010 months agoalibalbalalibalbal
where can I buy this
Haha just kidding I'm looking right now.
011 months agoHellGirlHellGirl
waaargh (11 months ago) #1777700I always use a hair dryer to warm up parts that don't fit. That makes things much easier.
Thank you I'll try!

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